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Productive Business - Performance Management & Productive Meetings

Productivity is a measure of output from a production process, per unit of input. A productive business will generate more profit from the same amount of input. continued below.

Did You Know? Increasing productivity is the most effective way to produce economic growth!
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An increase in business productivity will allow you to meet profit goals and is the most cost effective way to create wealth. An increase in productivity doesn't require a greater input of either labor, expenses or materials. A business can become more productive through better management and processes. These changes can be assisted through a wide variety of extremely effective, industry specific, productivity software.

A productive business improve the following processes's:

  • real process
  • income distribution process
  • production process
  • monetary process
  • market value process

Sources of Growth in productivity: Meeting Demands

Generally speaking productivity can be increased by:

  • increasing the available technology or know-how for converting resources into outputs desired in an economy or business.
  • modifying the way in which resources are organized in firms and industries to produce goods and services.

Companies can increase productivity in a variety of ways. The most obvious methods involve automation and computerization which minimize the tasks that must be performed by employees. Recently, less obvious techniques are being employed that involve ergonomic design and worker comfort. A comfortable employee, the theory maintains, can produce more than a counterpart who struggles through the day. In fact, some studies claim that measures such as raising workplace temperature can have a drastic effect on office productivity.

Having productive business meetings is a key way modern companies can increase their productivity. Business meetings require an intelligent approach to be effective.

Performance Management

Resent trends have referred to the study and practice of increasing productivity in business as performance management. They focus on increasing productivity through performance measurement and performance improvement.

"All Else Being Equal- The Productive Business Always Wins!"

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