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Productive Business Meetings

Conducting a productive business meeting can be an art form. It is important to keep ideas flowing, but focused on a problem. It is also important to create a meeting environment that doesn’t get bogged down in personal conflict or power struggles. In order to conduct a productive business meeting a certain level of planning is necessary. continued below.

Did You Know? There is a direct correlation between meeting preparation time and meeting productivity – So plan ahead!
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An inordinate amount of time doesn't need to be spent to plan a meeting but a meeting without is a plan will ultimately produce negative results for a business. There are many things to think about when planning a business meeting, but perhaps the first step is to determine if a meeting is needed at all! Would an online meeting work? No matter what though, you will need a plan.

The Agenda: Your Business Meeting Plan

Whether you're organizing an off-site meeting or conducting a staff meeting in your own company, it's all in the planning.

Things to consider when planning your agenda:

Make sure your agenda has an easy to follow script that starts and ends on a positive note.

Don't put more than is needed in the agenda. Productive business meetings should start and stop on time. Breaks and meals should also be scheduled into meetings, all humans have a limit when it comes to our attention. Plan for some down time � this will prevent breakdowns in the productivity of the meeting. Always remember that participants need quality free time during long out-of-town meetings, allowing this free time will actually increase the productivity of the meetings, not decrease it!

Important Tips for Meeting Plans:

Off-Site Meetings � Make sure the environment is conducive to having a productive meeting. Some environments can inspire creativity while others only offer a distraction.

Meeting Planner Behavior � Remember to always mind your manners when conducting meetings, conduct yourself in a professional manner inside and outside the meeting room. Also, if meetings are getting to tense or hot, call a break, let everyone cool off and clear their heads. It is also important to learn international etiquette if you are planning a meeting in a foreign country or if foreign business people will be attending the meeting. Always being gracious is universal though. It is also important that you enjoy yourself, this will have a positive effect on the meeting itself. If you can't enjoy yourself, due to stress for example, then fake it!

Meeting Planning Costs � When planning an on-site or off-site meeting its important to have a budget in mind. Find out what your company wants to spend and plan a budget.

This is just the tip of the iceberg�
Legal issues, who to invite and an infinite array of problems can be thrown at a meeting planner, but luckily there are plenty of resources available for the modern productive business planner. The internet offers business planning software, free information and podcasts about planning and books and other resources. The links provided for you here can give you a launching point. But always remember�

There is a direct correlation between meeting preparation time and meeting productivity � So plan ahead!

"All Else Being Equal- The Productive Business Always Wins!"

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